The day you dream about...

Get Wedding Photography is a UK-based wedding service.

Your wedding day is our priority. From the moment you contact us, we will be planning how best to match your needs for the day.

We will use our expertise to fulfil your requirements and create amazing memories.

We offer packages for both photography and videography, priding ourselves in taking no more than 1 week to deliver those treasured memories.

As part of our service to you, we also offer a free confidence boosting photo shoot, prior to your big day. This ensures that you, as a couple, feel confident, comfortable and amazing.

Packages start at £750, please see our page: Investment.

Your wedding

You make a big promise to each other so this is our promise to you...

Your wedding day beautifully captured and delivered within one week (or less), or your money back! 

Why rely on us? 

With two experienced professional photographers at your disposal, not a moment will be missed.*

Our promise

Get Wedding Photography has the once in a lifetime guarantee.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to you, the couple. 

With our confidence boosting photo shoot we love to break the ice before the big day!

Our Deliverables

Within a week of your big day couples should expect to receive upwards of 500 photos detailing every moment of your special day!

Package dependent*

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All enquiries are subject to a free consultation, a coffee on me, and of course your confidence boosting photo shoot!

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